Testing the Development Version of Jokosher

Testing is critically important for Jokosher. If we are going to make simple audio editing possible for the masses, we need you guys to help us to test Jokosher and get rid of the bugs so we can release a rock-solid, stable and reliable Jokosher. This is free software and the way we can do this is by working together to test Jokosher, find bugs and report them to the developers to be fixed.

This guide will show you how to be a part of the Jokosher testing community and how to report bugs and problems to our developers. This is a really important and valuable contribution to the Jokosher community, so thank you so much for taking an interest in contributing. :)

Installing the Bazar version of Jokosher

The code for the bleeding edge version of Jokosher lives on Launchpad Bazar repository. To run this version you will also need to be running a very recent version of GStreamer. See the Installation page for details of which versions of GStreamer are required. For testing Bazar version of Jokosher, Gstreamer CVS environment is very recommended. See this page for instructions how to setup Ubuntu for separated Gstreamer CVS environment.

How to test Jokosher and provide feedback

Testing Jokosher is pretty simple - when you have got the development version up and running, just use Jokosher normally and let us know when something does not work as you expect it to. Follow the following steps to do this.

Step 1: Ensure your code is up to date

First things first, make sure you have the most recent Jokosher code. In the terminal go to the Jokosher directory and run:

bzr pull

This will ensure you have the most recent code from our developers.

Step 2: Use Jokosher normally

Use Jokosher for something. Record things, edit them, mix them, add effects, apply fades - whatever you like. Test all aspects of Jokosher. As you are doing this it is often useful to keep a text editor open and note down any problems, bugs or inconsistencies.

Step 3: If you find a bug, report it

If you find something that does not work as you expect it to, its time to report the bug! :)

To do this, see the Jokosher Bugs List and see if your bug has already been reported. If it has, add your own notes and evidence to the bug report.

If the bug has not been reported, click the Bug Reporting Form and describe the bug.

When describing the bug, try and add all of the following information:

When you submit a bug, keep an eye on the bug report, the developers may ask you for additional information to help them track down the bug and fix it. If you have an account on Launchpad, the bug details will be emailed to you.

Optional Step 4: Discuss it

You may want to also discuss any problems or uncertainties with Jokosher. The best place to do this is the Jokosher Forums where we already have a community of users and testers. Use the Help' forum to discuss these testing issues.

Once again, testing is a really helpful and valuable contribution to Jokosher, and hugely important, so thanks for getting involved! You are really doing your bit to make free software audio production simple, innovative and powerful. Good work! :)

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