Jokosher for Ubuntu

Use the following download for Ubuntu 9.04 or 8.10. Previous versions of Ubuntu or Debian are untested but may work if they have a recent version of GStreamer installed.

Jokosher 0.11.5 for Ubuntu 10.04, 9.10, 9.04, 8.10 (1.2MB)

Older versions of Ubuntu aren’t supported without a recent version of GStreamer.

Jokosher for openSUSE

Use the following 1-click install for openSUSE 11 to download and install Jokosher 0.11.5 and all required dependencies. The package details can be found at the PackMan repository page.

Jokosher 0.11.5 for openSUSE (1-click install)

Installing Jokosher From Source

To install Jokosher from source, you must first install any required dependencies manually, and then run the script from the command line. For this reason, it is recommened that you only use this option only if Jokosher is not packaged for your distribution:

Jokosher 0.11.5 Source Tarball (tar.gz), 1.2MB

Jokosher For Windows

Use the installer package to install Jokosher on Windows. The download for windows is much larger since it contains all the required dependencies including GStreamer and many common audio codecs.

Jokosher 0.11.4 Windows Installer, 20.9MB

Running the Latest Jokosher Without Installing

If you already have another version of Jokosher installed, you can easily run the latest and most recent development version from its own directory without interfering with the installed version of Jokosher.

Use the following command to download Jokosher using Bazaar:

bzr branch lp:jokosher

Launch your local copy of Jokosher with this command:


More information is available on the Jokosher documentation wiki.

Obsolete versions

See our old download page for Jokosher 0.10 and earlier unsupported versions.