About our musicians

Every release, the Jokosher team highlight one open-source musician by putting their picture in the New Project window. Musicians so far have been:

Jokosher version 0.1

John “J5″ Palmieri

J5 is is a Gnome hacker and musician. He writes D-Bus, one of the core technologies of the Gnome desktop, and he’s pictured here singing his socks off at Guadec 2006, the Gnome users and developers European conference. Find out more about him at his weblog, j5live.com.

Jokosher version 0.2

Brad “Brad Sucks” Turcotte

Brad Sucks is a one man band from America. Brad distributes his music online, not only allowing downloads of the music but also the source files to show how he did it, and his music has been licenced for television and radio. Brad gives away his music and writes a weblog at bradsucks.net, and is pictured here playing at Greenfields.

Open source musicians: the Jokosher team salute you! If you want to nominate someone (or even shamelessly nominate yourself) as the open source musician for the next release of Jokosher, please contact us!