Do you want to make Jokosher better? Do you want to make audio production even easier, more powerful and more integrated? Well, guess what? We need your help!
Jokosher is a community driven project, and we need programmers, documentation writers, artists, testers and others to help refine and develop our project. Everyone can help, including you, and here are some of the different ways you can contribute.


If you have your nose in code much of the time, you are welcome to join in fixing bugs and creating new features. Jokosher is written in Python and uses the GNOME platform and the GTK widget set. The audio engine is powered by GStreamer, and we use Cairo for some of the graphics.

  • Main Jokosher developer site
  • Main Bazaar repository


Documentation is a huge priority in the Jokosher project, and we are working to not only make great docs, but to also think outside the box and make FAQs, screencasts, tutorials and more. If you would like to help make Jokosher even easier to use for musicians everywhere, get involved!


Wow, doesn’t Jokosher look awesome? Don’t all those icons and things look snazzy? Well, we want it to keep getting prettier and prettier, and we need those of you with an artistic flair to get involved. Art in Jokosher is created in SVG form, using the Tango Project guidelines. If you want to help with this, get in touch!

  • Art Team

Submitting bugs

Is Jokosher absolutely perfect for you? If not, please tell us about it! You can send us details of problems with Jokosher through our bug submission area. Tell us about things that have gone wrong (if you find any) and also about new ideas you have that you think would make Jokosher even better!

As Jokosher grows with each release, we place more and more emphasis on our testers. We rely on you guys and gals to ensure that everything is working tip top and no nasty bugs sneak in. This job involves testing Jokosher in all sorts of different ways and trying to find bugs in there. If you spot on, you should then report it as an issue.

Be our open source musician

Jokosher, with every release, recognises the work of an open source musician. If you write music and you’re involved with open source, let us know, and maybe you’ll be in the next Jokosher release!