Jokosher 0.11.1 Bug Fix Update

Just this week we released an update to last month’s version 0.11. Ubuntu packages and source packages are available on the download page as usual. This is a bug fix release only, so you won’t see any shiny new features. You can see the full list of bugs fixed in this release on the 0.11.1 milestone page in Launchpad. In fact, so many bugs have been fixed recently that the number of open bugs in Launchpad now fits on one single page!

We encountered a general stream fix

The most important change in this release is improved audio stream negotiation in our internal GStreamer pipeline. In previous releases, if your sound card gave an unexpected sample rate, or you attempted to mixdown to a format that used irregular parameters the operation would fail with the very vague message “GStreamer encountered a general stream error”. We had many bugs reported with that vague message, but it was so unspecific that we can only confirm those bugs have been fixed if everyone helps to test. Even if you are used to ignoring those vague messages, please report them as bugs now so we know if issues still exist.

Would it be more exciting if we just called it Jokosher 7?

Michael has been toiling away in his secret lab, and he has let us know that Jokosher for Windows is almost ready to go. The plan is to have another bug fix release available for both platforms simultaneously in a month or so. If you would like to take a sneak peek and give us a hand in catching bugs, please take a look at the preview Windows installer on Michael’s blog.

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