What’s New in Jokosher 0.11

After six months of hard work we have released Jokosher 0.11. We haven’t given any updates in a while. Our last update was in October, and there was no details on what new features you can expect in this version. So we’re going to lay it out for you here, in plain English with pretty pictures.

Feel free to leave us any comments, either in the comments below, or as a bug in Launchpad. We’ll be doing a purely bug fix release in about a months time. If you think anything could be improved or otherwise changed let us know. Now onto the features.

Click Track Volume Control

Many users have told us that they don’t like the sound of the click track — it is too loud and jarring. Unfortunately until we get looping support implemented for Jokosher we will still be using a constant tone for the click track.

For now we have changed the click track button from an on/off switch to a volume slider. By default it is off all the way, however if you need to hear the tempo you can turn it up as much or as little as you like.

Editable Project Properties

A user requested that we include a way to store notes about the current project such as where the audio files were downloaded from and what license they each have. At the time we were thinking about this, we remembered that there is currently no way to edit any of the project’s metadata.

Now we have a nice new dialog to modify the name and author as well as add whatever other text you would like.

Less Bright Green

We decided to depart slightly from the bright green that has been included in every previous Jokosher release. In version 0.11 the green has been removed from behind the BPM and time signature which are located above the instruments.

You will also notice that the graphic display of the audio is a calm blue instead of sharp green. Let us know what you think of this new colour in the comments.

Freedesktop Compliant XDG Directories

Previously all Jokosher’s settings and other program data were stored in the .jokosher/ folder in the user’s home directory. As recommended by the Freedesktop.org standard, settings are now stored in .config/jokosher/ and other program data is now stored in .local/share/jokosher/.

This is mostly a technical detail, and most users won’t notice a difference. If you don’t know what XDG is feel free to ignore this one.

Passive Error Dialogs

When something went wrong with Jokosher during playback or recording, a big dialog with the words “Argh!” would jump in your face. This happens much more often than we would like, and to make matters worse sometimes multiple dialogs will appear at the same time.

After being assaulted by these useless error for the last time, we replaced them with passive message boxes very similar to the ones used by GEdit and other GNOME applications. When multiple errors occur, no more than two yellow message boxes will appear in the main window below the instruments.

Spit and Polish

A few minor details that the most observant users might take note of are:

  • The “Project” menu has been removed. Its functions are now launched from the revamped “File” menu.
  • Current timeline position drawing is more seamless.
  • Zoom buttons have been moved to the bottom left corner.
  • If you forgot to configure your recording sound system, you can now access it directly from the “Recording Inputs” dialog.

PulseAudio and JACK Support

As we briefly mentioned above, the recording sound system can be configured to use any input that is supported by GStreamer. Previously recording in Jokosher only worked with ALSA, but now JACK, PulseAudio and OSS are supported.

There is also the ability to use a custom pipeline, which any GStreamer guru will tell you can be used to record from many exotic sources including streaming radio or Bluetooth.

Multi-Channel Recording

If you have a sound card which supports recording more than one channel simultaneously, Jokosher now gives you the option to use it. When multiple instruments are configured to record from different inputs, Jokosher will record each audio stream to a separate file.

This is useful for recording a podcast or a song and you need to adjust the volume of each instrument afterwards.

Crash Recovery

In version 0.10 we debuted our crash recovery feature which automatically saved your project every five minutes to prevent you from losing any work. This approach is used by many applications, but the disadvantage is that in the worse case scenario you will lose the last five minutes of your work.

For Jokosher 0.11 we have completely redesigned and reimplemented the crash recovery feature. While you work, Jokosher keeps a log of all of your actions in the background. If a crash occurs before you save the log will be used to reconstruct the project next time it is opened.

Immediately after you make a change in Jokosher, the data will be safely put to disk. Barring a power failure, you never have to worry about losing data in Jokosher.

Download it Now

If you haven’t got it yet, you can download Jokosher 0.11 from our download page.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped put together this release. Many people submitted bugs and gave us ideas. Once again, feel free to submit your comments below about what you think of this release and what we should be working on for the next one.

Laszlo, Michael and Peteris

5 Responses to “What’s New in Jokosher 0.11”

  1. vitriolix Says:

    Very nice work guys. I’m especially happy about the JACK/Alsa selector, that was one of the major blocks from me using this regularly.

  2. Vadim P. Says:


  3. David Moraes Says:

    I LOVE the new color! Great job! Looks very solid. I’m excited to see where the development of this program will take us. I would just really like to overlay an audio segment over another one…that is what I think Jokosher really needs. I still have to use Ardour for that.

  4. Laszlo Says:


    That audio overlay sounds like a useful feature, but we need more details to make it happen. You’ve obviously thought it through, care to describe it in more detail in a bug report? Then we can start a discussion in the comments on launchpad.


  5. Greippi Says:

    I would suggest an option to change the colour, or even track or clip specific colours.

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