Jokosher October Update

Jokosher 0.10 Released

After almost a year and a half, we got another release out the door. As I mentioned last time this release did not have as many features as the long wait would suggest. Instead there are a few modest features, many welcomed stability fixes, as 0.10 sets the stage for a faster release cycle and development time for Jokosher. Barring any major disasters with the development team, the last year of stagnation is over. Of course it will go even faster if we get more of you involved in planning, testing, etc.

PulseAudio and JACK support

I have been putting a good chunk of time towards developing the new audio backend feature. It allows the user to select any recording backend and any playback backend that Gstreamer supports. Currently it has been tested with ALSA, OSS, PulseAudio and JACK, but if you know the name of the Gstreamer element you want to use you can specify it as a custom backend in the preferences dialog (think recording from network stream). This feature will make an appearance in 0.11 in time for Ubuntu Jaunty, but you can see a screenshot of it right now, or checkout the custom-audio-src branch and try it yourself.

Jokosher 0.10.1 Bug Fix Release

After releasing 0.10, we continued to do testing ourselves and got a lot of feedback from other users. This made us aware that there were many small bugs which had been overlooked, and could be easily fixed in a few weeks. We did just that and released the bug fix update 4 weeks after 0.10. The source tarball is available on the launchpad release page, where you will also find the list of bugs fixed. We released 0.10 just in time for the feature freeze in Ubuntu Intrepid, and then released 0.10.1 just in time for the Ubuntu beta freeze. Both times the wonderful Daniel Holbach from the Ubuntu MOTU team packaged our release and uploaded it to the Ubuntu universe repository within a few days. If you know any other distros that have the newest version of Jokosher, please let us know and we will add them to the download page.

Multichannel Recording Works!

After years of talking about it, Jokosher was able to finally record multiple channels simultaneously from professional audio cards which offer up to 8 channels. The code for this feature was put into the custom-audio-src branch just a few days ago, and reports have been very positive. There are a few bugs to be worked out before this can be merged into trunk but it would be great if you can try out the branch yourself and report any bugs you encounter. You should expect to see this wonderful feature available in 0.11 along with the JACK and PulseAudio support.

6 Responses to “Jokosher October Update”

  1. yman Says:

    Time for Jokosher December update, and it seems whoever writes these updates skipped November. I guess I skipped it too, since I forgot to post a reminder/hopeful request.

  2. Laszlo Says:

    I don’t think much has happened since the last update. I will look into it, but there probably won’t be any news until the new year, after we use the holidays to get some work done.

  3. Lorenz Says:

    Hi, will give it another try now, tried it during the first releases and it hang up sometimes. Hope you guys will keep on working on it!

  4. Suraj Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Whats the progress on Jokosher? Is this project dead ? What is the future of jokosher ?

  5. Taylor C. Says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Suraj. It’s time for an update soon or I assume this project is done……

  6. Laszlo Says:

    Sorry about that everyone, but honestly the reason there has been no updates is that I am trying to get some big features and quite a few bug fixes in before the Feb 19th Ubuntu feature freeze.

    The features and bug fixes that I would like to include in a Jokosher Update are changing everyday, so I will probably write one once we finalize the list of features for 0.11. No more features can go in after Feb 19th, so it will probably be sometime close to that day.

    In the meantime you can track Jokosher’s progress for 0.11 with the link below. “Fix committed” are things that are finished for 0.11, and “In progress” are things we are still working on and will hopefully be done in time.

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