Jokosher August Update

Bazaar and Launchpad Transition

We have just completed our transition to the Bazaar version control system. Our code will now be hosted in Bazaar branches on Launchpad. If you were used to using SVN for getting the latest code here are the equivalent Bazaar commands:

bzr branch lp:jokosher
Which replaces:
svn co

bzr pull
Which replaces:
svn update

The use of Bazaar has the added advantage that you can commit any changes you like to your own branch without requiring developer access. Of course if you want us to copy your changes, please let us know on the mailing list.

Crash Recover Feature

We have started to make use of the flexibility of Bazaar by developing the new crash recovery feature in a separate branch. Last weekend it was merged into the main Jokosher branch. Look for this in the next release of Jokosher, it will definitely be the most visible feature.

User Success/Hate Story

bjwebb on #jokosher reports that he has recently recorded a podcast using Jokosher. The reason he chose it is because it was the only tool which made it possible to record from two sounds cards at once. Jokosher worked well enough to record an entire podcast, but not well enough to avoid becoming the target of the gripe-filled but somewhat constructively criticizing “two minutes of hate segment”. Well done, and we will try our best to avoid the mentioned problems in the future.

Improving PulseAudio Support

While looking into removing the DBus/HAL code which queries the ALSA sound card information, I (Laszlo) discovered that there were many problems with the sound card information in the PulseAudio Gstreamer element. Three days and five patches later, PulseAudio works nicely and one Gstreamer-ALSA bug was fixed as well. This will open the door to using any number of recording systems in the future such as DirectShow on Windows, OS X Audio for Mac, and maybe even JACK if the jacksrc element is ever completed. These fixes should be in the next version of Gstreamer, but because of the tight deadline it probably won’t make it into the next Jokosher release.

Purchasing A Multichannel Sound Card

There has been much discussion on #jokosher about supporting multichannel sound cards. This idea originally started years ago back when Jokosher was very young. Now we are finally getting near to being able to record multiple channels from a single sound card at the same time, and insert them as separate tracks in Jokosher. Since only a few of our testers have access to multichannel cards, we are looking to purchase one or more for developers to use. If you have any interest in making multichannel recording work in Jokosher, or have suggestions for which sound cards are best supported by ALSA please let us know.

The 0.10 Release

We are planning to release next week! During this release cycle we had some big plans, and unfortunately we ended up missing many of the features that would be most visible in the interface. Nonetheless there are many worth while improvements and we will be releasing within two weeks, just in time to replace the very old 0.9 package in Ubuntu Intrepid. Please help us test, and give us your thoughts!

11 Responses to “Jokosher August Update”

  1. M Audio Blog » Blog Archive » Jokosher August Update Says:

    [...] unknown: Now we are finally getting near to being able to record multiple channels from a single sound card at the same time, and insert them as separate tracks in Jokosher. Since only a few of our testers have access to multichannel cards, … [...]

  2. yman Says:

    It would be nice if you posted an update here every month or so, so I’d know progress is being made and that my favorite audio editor isn’t dead.

    Anyway, thanks.

  3. Laszlo Says:


    We’ll try our best! If you would like to remind us on the mailing list every once in a while in case we forget that would be great too.

  4. zombiepig Says:

    This is great news - I’m really looking forward to this release!!

  5. anonymous Says:

    in case you forget? do you need a cron job like this?

    #crontab file
    0 0 1 * * echo “show your project is not dead! clean the spam-infested forum, blog about the progress made this month, a screenshot or two if available, and some generic proof that you care about releasing before duke nukem forever”

  6. anon Says:

    @anon coward:
    Seriously, what Lazlo did was, in a rather polite way, encouraging people (users) to show some interest. Seeing as he codes something as complex as jokosher in his spare time, I hardly think he haven’t heard about cron!

    Nice seeing another update, Jokosher shows real potential to become a great open source, easy to use music-maker =D

  7. yman Says:

    Time for a new update!

    Sorry for posting here instead of the mailing list, but how do I do that without subscribing?

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  9. Saverio Says:

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