Development Plan for Jokosher 0.10

Last Sunday we concluded the IRC meeting, and we decided on a list of things to do for the 0.10 release. We decided for certain that the release will be in August. The tentative release date is August 14th, 2008. All features must be completed by the end of July, or they will not be included in the release. This is to ensure that there is no possibility of the release slipping. We have waited long enough and at this point no feature or bug fix is big enough to be worth missing the distro release cycle.

Here is the list of things you can look forward to in August, or sooner if you run Jokosher from SVN:

  • Auto save project recovery. Constant or very frequent auto saving to an alternate location to allow project recovery when Jokosher starts up from a crash. See bug #76750.
  • More accurate waveform drawing with more efficient backend to save levels to disk. Fixes bug #88335, as well as makes Jokosher load projects faster. This has already been committed to SVN.
  • Replace the obnoxious dialog boxes with passive yellow messages below the toolbar like in Gedit or Firefox.
  • Check on startup to make sure recording from the sound card is possible. If not Jokosher will let you change the default sound card, or the sample rate settings to correct the problem. We may also have time to make an option to attempt to automatically detect the proper settings.
  • Project templates! This feature has been available in SVN since last year, but it will be cleaned up and made simpler for the next release.
  • Many other bug fixes such as #72267, #87785, #212635, and #223115.

You can find the full notes from the IRC meeting in the mailing list archives, and feel free to send in your ideas and comments as well.

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