Jokosher 0.10 Roadmap Announcement

The Jokosher team would like to announce the long awaited version 0.10, which will be coming out in August. We are looking forward to getting an updated version of the code into the next Ubuntu release, as the current one is from one year ago. Certainly many Hardy Heron users are getting annoyed that their new distribution still contains the old stale version of Jokosher. Many of you have reported crashes and other bugs, many of which have already been fixed. So even if the next release of Jokosher isn’t perfect (it’s not 1.0 yet), it will certainly be an improvement and a step in the right direction.

At the same time, we are also announcing a feature discussion meeting on IRC this Sunday at 18:00 UTC. Just to be clear this is 8pm in Europe, and 2pm on the east coast of North America. For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, you can join our meeting on Sunday by going to our online chat page, and selecting a unique username.

We welcome everyone’s input for the next release, and we will be discussing everyone’s ideas on Sunday. If you can make it to the meeting feel free to give us any suggestions in the chat room. If you cannot make it on Sunday, feel free to post them on the mailing list instead.

For those who are interested, you can read the full text of the announcement from the mailing list.

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  1. zombiepig Says:

    Fantastic!! Jokosher is a great looking program that’s heading in the right direction. I was concerned development had stopped, but it’s great to hear things are still happening with it :)

  2. Christian Schaller » Blog Archive » Sun’s new video codec Says:

    [...] In the meantime we just need to continue improving our tools as I feel that is the next step we need to take to help push free codecs forward. My goal is that we will get Pitivi and Jokosher to a stage where we have them running on all three major platforms and thus the threshold for getting your marketing department etc., to publish their audio clips and videos with free codecs is greatly reduced. The two Summer of Code students we have working on Jokosher and renewed Jokosher effort should help push us forward. I am also hoping that the codec support provided in HTML5 through Firefox will open some doors. While Apple and Microsoft are still trying to sabotage it there is still hope that the market share of Firefox is large enough to make a difference and force the issue. [...]

  3. brian Says:

    would like to learn more

  4. Laszlo Says:

    Bryan: you can ask us any questions you like on the mailing list by sending email to

  5. dalin Says:

    um i cant sem to down load jokosher

  6. Laszlo Says:

    Which link on which page is giving you problems, dalin?

  7. dan intel Says:

    intel would like to explore the possibility of a jokosher version for mobile internet devices (MID) mobile products. we think it would be great as a “musician on the go” solution. please contact me.

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