Hack Sessions

We have two hack sessions scheduled this week - Wed 12th September and Thurs 13th September, both from 9pm UTC in #jokosher on irc.freenode.net. They are quite late (or early or just right depending, Jokosher is a worldwide phenomena!) because its the best overlap between Europe and North America.

The plan is simple:

* Take the list of bugs.
* Find out more about the causes of them.
* Fix them.

So we need people who can find bugs, fix bug, test bugs have been fixed, cheer on those doing the above, and obviously some people to totally blog about it (Jono)

Come along, get involved, you know you want to.

4 Responses to “Hack Sessions”

  1. mike Says:

    Is this dead?

  2. Macrophone Says:

    Great soft guys!

    You MUST implement jackd support if you want your software really take off!

  3. Esprit Jeans Says:

    Esprit Jeans…

    Kopfschüttler: da die Liebste keinen Kaffee trinkt, habe ich also nie die Gelegenheit, ihren Kaffeesatz einmal zu analysieren! Das macht sie bestimmt absichtlich……

  4. wow gold Says:

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