Jokosher at LugRadio Live 2007

Once again, a large number of Jokosher community members were present at LugRadio Live 2007 in Wolverhampton, UK. Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge were the hosts of the event, and I (Laszlo Pandy) and Michael Sheldon were both giving presentations. Some other familiar faces from #jokosher were Ben Thorp, John Green, and Chris Proctor. Below I will share some of the notable Jokosher related bits of the conference.

Jokosher as a text editor

After having attended and hosted the Jokosher BOF at LugRadio Live 2006, I was invited to give a lightning talk for this year’s event. Even though it is called a lightning talk, it is still 30 minutes long, and there was plenty of time for me to talk about Jokosher and give an interesting demo. My talk entitled “Inside Jokosher” covered the internal and development aspects of the program. I started my talking about why we chose to use Python and Gstreamer and how their dynamic nature make Jokosher the most flexible and hackable audio editor available.

In my demo, I showed how it was possible to use the dynamic features to reprogram Jokosher to do anything you could imagine. Using the new extension console, and the API search extension I wrote on the train while travelling to the conference, people new to the Jokosher code can search the documentation for the function they need to do anything the GUI can do, but with more precision. The example I used was splitting at exactly 10 seconds (event.Split(10)) instead of trying to aim the mouse perfectly on the 10 second mark.

At the end of the presentation I managed to turn Jokosher into a text editor, that could also save to a file when you clicked File->Save all using the extension console. The point of this is to encourage people who don’t know how to program to make simple function calls in Jokosher and see what the result is. Once you do that it is only a small step to writing a complete Jokosher extension, to customize or add any feature you (yes I mean you!) want in Jokosher.


The Jokosher BOF was attended by Stuart, Mike, Jono, Henrik Karlsson, and I. Unfortunetly just as we were about to start Jono realized he had lost his mobile (again!) and had to leave to retrieve it. As a result Mike, Stuart and I were forced to imagine what Jono’s opinion would be for the following topics, and then completely ignore it.

  • Extension API: My talk introduced the idea that it was much more flexible and easier to use the core Jokosher API instead of the contrived Extension API that was introduced in version 0.2. Thanks to David, the core is now well documented and extension writers should not have any problems using it. Since there are no extensions maintained by non-Jokosher developers that we know of, the Extension API will be removed in 1.0. If you do rely on the Extension API, come talk to us in #jokosher.
  • Workspace Buttons: Jono has made an issue on the mailing list about the recent changes in SVN to make the workspace buttons toggle individually. With two buttons this allows four different combinations, one of which (both off) is totally useless. At the BOF we decided (without Jono present) that since there are only two views, and the recording view is still visible when in the mix view, both buttons can easily be replaced with a single “Show Mixers” toggle button.
  • Testing Team: The points decided on during the 1.0 planning meeting regarding the testing team and unit tests were reiterated. We still need help writing down the expected functionality of Jokosher, and once that is finished it can be turned into unit tests, or a manual testing checklist. Hopefully we can have this done by the end of the summer, and ready for when the betas some out in September. Helping us write down the way Jokosher is expected to function is a really simple way to learn about how Jokosher works. Unlike coding it takes very little time to get to a point where you can contribute something, so if you haven’t already, come chat with us and start helping out.

The LugRadio Quiz

Bruno Bord hosted the LugRadio Live quiz at the end of the day on Sunday. After a few rounds of intense competition, it came down to one tie-breaker question: “How many lines of code are there in the Jokosher 0.9 release?” After Stuart guessed wrong, Bruno revealed that the “correct” answer was: “It doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t bloody work anyway!” While he does have a point, I would just like to point out for the record that there are 20 242 lines of code, including extensions, in the Jokosher 0.9 release.

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