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Tour de Jokosher (A week in Jokosher)

Spured on by last weeks revelation that David Coralles and Lazslo had gone patch for patch all week Monday turned into a sprint with 16 commits between them, with Davids score of 10 comfortably beating Lazslos 6, however as the week went on Laszlos more consistant form began to pay off, with the final results for the week at Laszlo holding the leaders yellow jersey with 19, David the sprinters green with 18, and bonus points for Johng 3 and Johnk 1, with the rest of us in the peloton trying (not always that successfully) to support the leaders.

However a stewards inquiry is underway as 2 of Lazslos patches were actually submitted by white jersey contender ThijsVermeir. Thanks and welcome to the Jokosher project!

Just to add to the confusion David confessed that he had actually been working on Jokosher since 1998 and was enhancing his performance by creative use of a time machine.

So there you go, clear as mud. All in all I think it might be easier to figure out the the results of the 2006 Tour de France.

What is clear however is that progress contiues apace, 26 bugs reported in Launchpad this week, 41 patches committed surely the best way round for those stats.

One of Davids commits has fixed 70799 where the timeline was not being redrawn properly after being covered over, so things like this would happen. This may not have been the most serious bug ever reported but its been around for months and several people (including me) have had a crack at fixing it without success, so congratulations David. (If you’ve ever wondered why the add instrument dialog opens where it does it was a workround to prevent this bug manifesting itself!)

In other news Jono put out a Call for testers including having written a simple guide for testers saying:-

I am serious here - we really, really need your help testing Jokosher. It is critical that we get as many bug reports as possible about things that don’t work quite right so we can nail them for the next version, which will be making an appearance in most distros when it is released. Now is the time, test it, report it, discuss it!

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

4 Responses to “Tour de Jokosher (A week in Jokosher)”

  1. David Corrales Says:

    Damn… my time machine time secret is out in the open now.
    Nice post man :)

  2. nibil Says:

    You cant expect to keep things secret if you discuss them on irc :)
    What I really want to know is what license are you going to publish the plans for the time machine under? Will I be able to hack it so its bigger on the inside then the out?

    I suspect this weeks news doesn’t make that much sense unless you know about the Tour de France and the yellow/green/white/polka dot jersey system (leader / best sprinter / best new rider / king of the mountains respectivley), and that due to drugs charges, appeals, etc they’re still arguing about who won the July 2006 race.

    (yes I’m a dr who watching cycling fan!)

  3. zettberlin Says:

    To be perfectly honest: I am not very enthusiastic about jokosher 0.9. I have it istalled today on my amd64 feisty and this is what I could see by now:

    - Installation worked OK no trouble here
    - Still no support for jack - no serious musician works without so jokosher does not fit in the Linux Audio eco-system…
    - no way to zoom the track vertically, not very usable graphically representation of the wav-file
    - no Effects in the list (though I have installed dozens of LADSPAs and all others like Ardour, Jackrack, AMS etc see the all)
    - no way to play a loop
    - no way to copy a selection and pase it to another track(this is really strange - it will be very very hard to find any waveeditor with more then one track that cannot do this trick)
    - the fade-automation is not reflected by the fader - one can hear the effect but not controll it by seeing that the faderknob drops to 60% as the line shows 60%

    no offence ment: but if 0.9 is supposed to be the direct predecessor of 1.0 and thus has about 90% of its features I cannot see any use for jokosher expect being a nice little recorder for the most simple tasks such as recording from radio via audio-in - this can be done by a lot of other apps…

  4. FFFF Says:

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