Download Jokosher 0.1

These are the download and installation instructions for Jokosher 0.1. Since then, Jokosher 0.2 has been released; these instructions are for historical purposes. You probably want to download the latest version of Jokosher.

We want Jokosher to be as simple and easy to install as possible, and to this end we are working with distributors so that it is included with major distributions. Do bear in mind though that we have only just made our first release and it will take a little while before it is included in most distributions.

The current version of Jokosher is a very first pre-release and there are likely to be bugs and quirks in it. If you spot a bug, click here to report it. If you have any problems, head over to the Jokosher community forums to discuss it.


Jokosher has some requirements:

  • GStreamer (Version 0.10.9 or later). At the moment we recommend a CVS copy of GStreamer. For more details, see this page. You will need the gstreamer-plugins-base and gstreamer-plugins-good collections.
  • If you need to edit or mixdown to MP3 format then you will also need gst-plugins-ugly (for the “lame” and “mad” plugins). Please note that these may not be legal in your jurisdiction! Alternatively, a free and legal MP3 plugin for Gstreamer is available directly from Fluendo.
  • Gnonlin
  • Cairo
  • Python
  • python-alsaaudio
  • python-dbus
  • python-cairo
  • python-glade2
  • libsvg2
  • GNOME (the GNOME desktop is recommended but not required for use with Jokosher)

Download 0.1

Jokosher is packaged and available as part of the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu Edgy

Jokosher is available in a number of different package formats available to download. If you can help with packaging Jokosher for distributions, join the Packaging Team.

Jokosher Package Debian/Ubuntu Deb Package DOWNLOAD
Jokosher Package RPM (Fedora) DOWNLOAD (source)
Jokosher Package Source Tarball DOWNLOAD

Known Issues

Hey, guess what, there are a few known quirks with our early first release:

  • If you repeatedly click on the timeline ruler, Jokosher will hang at some point. This is a bug in GStreamer and the GStreamer team are actively working on a fix. (UPDATE: Fixed in GStreamer CVS core from Sat 29th July onwards)
  • The volume sliders in a selection don’t work. This will be implemented in the next release.
  • If you have a split on one instrument and record past the split on a second instrument, Jokosher may hang. We suspect this is a bug in Gnonlin.

If you spot a bug, click here to report it. If you have any other problems, head over to the Jokosher community forums to discuss it.